10 Water Efficiency Tips for Southern Californians

Every summer in Southern California there is talks of a drought, but this year has been particularly bad. Governor Jerry Brown has made helping to remedy this situation the focus of his administration. Brown recently asked residents to cut down on water usage by 20% and the message has been well received. Residents cut down on water usage by 11.5% last month. A far cry from the 20% request but a step in the right direction anyway. Below are some steps you can take to further cut down on water usage.

Make Washing Clothes More Efficient

If you can purchase a water efficient clothes washer, do it. If not, you can still save water by only doing full loads, and washing darks with cold water. These tips will save you cost on energy as well.

Make Washing Dishes More Efficient

Use the dishwasher only when it is full, and purchase a more efficient dishwasher if possible (this will save money and water in the long run). Wash dishes with two reservoirs, one for washing, one for rinsing. If you must let the faucet run, there are inexpensive aerators that will reduce the amount of water flow.

Become a Water Efficient Chef

Generally speaking, don’t let the water run when possible. Wash vegetables in a pan of water and thaw food overnight. Don’t use oversized pans.

Recycle Water

After you wash your vegetables, or rinse your pots, and pans use that water to water your plants.

Install Efficient Toilet, Shower Heads, and Faucets

The bathroom is where a lot of the water is wasted. If it’s in the budget, install new hardware, California will thank you, and it pays itself back.

Don’t Let the Water Run

Shaving, brushing teeth, even washing your hands with soap before lathering can save water.

Water in the Morning or at Night

Cooler temperatures mean less water evaporates.

Irrigation System For Watering

Drip irrigation system can save both time and water, and if it’s in the budget install a smart automatic timer that won’t water when it rains.

Southern California is a Desert, Use Desert Flora

Desert plants are drought resistant, require little to no watering

Use Hose Alternatives for Outdoor Projects

A hose is so useful for cleaning outside and washing cars, but a broom or a sponge and a bucket will suffice.