There is an incredible civil war going on throughout the world and a critical need for greater global awareness on the issue.  Across much of the world, climate change is making environments less capable of supporting human life. Additionally, the effects of global warming could make war even more common than it is today.  In Syria, for example, a severe drought has caused profound socioeconomic disruptions, which in turn have contributed to rebellion and civil war. 

John Slifko
Several nonprofit organizations are finding ways to help citizens living in these types of environments by promoting and supporting art as a means of healing. Among them, project AWE, created by John Slifko, PhD, and Zhenya Gershman.  Project AWE envisions a world where safety, healing and hope replace violence, silence and shame.

John is passionate about supporting organizations that dedicate time and resources to promote art as a healing tool to empower and transform individuals and communities impacted by violence and trauma.  As project AWE develops, he uses this website as a blogging platform, writing more on subjects like the “process aesthetics” of John Dewey, Arnold Berleant and others.  His attention to aesthetics in Masonic studies will align with new work being done on ritual and performance in the academy and Freemasonry. 

About John Slifko, PhD:

john slifkoJohn has dedicated his work to issues around the world for democratic civil society with major contributions to global efforts in improving the education of young women.  Previously, John has worked for the Los Angeles City Council and United States Congress engaging in environmental issues and technology policy.  Additionally, he is a founding member and on the Board of Advisers at the Hannah Mather Crocker Society, Notre Dame University, and C3 Advisory Group.  He supports the study of the historic links between advancing women’s rights, education, and democracy in the United States. John is a Co-Director of the Roosevelt Center for the Study of Civil Society & Freemasonry and a Co-Founder of project AWE.